Thursday, September 23, 2010

The passage

I did not know this until today, but a passage is a one way trip. A journey is a round trip. I do not plan on going back to where I was, so therefore this is a passage.

Raising godly children- I see this as my biggest priority in my life. I have no greater challenge in my life than to let them know that God loves them, died for them, and still lives. I want them to not only have the knowledge of God's love, but the relationship with him. Yet in the end of this particular goal I know they can end up choosing to live for Him or not. This passage scares me.

Healthier- January 17, 2010 I was 187.2lbs and diabetic(2 pills 500mg twice a day). Earlier this year I ended up losing 35lbs and dropping my meds to 1 pill a day. It was great. Then I went on several vacations, and am now struggling.

Better relationships- After this summer I realized that I am very selfish with my own goals to see far enough ahead to plan time to spend with my friends. This particular passage is hard for me to navigate. How am I going to teach my children if I don't know how to do it myself?

Having fun- I am selfish and therefore easy for me to do, especially when I now have the energy to do so. Fear is that with age I will end up sitting somewhere doing nothing. This passage is the easy one for me. I get to plan fun and the follow through is the reward

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  1. Well keep striving forward and reminding yourself of where you were and where you want to be! Be consistent in all 3 of these things and your passage will be successful!